Georgia is impeccably designed for the ultimate adventure holiday for families. Settled amid the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains. Packed with picturesque towns and stunning churches and monasteries, the country of Georgia is known for its soaring mountains, good food, and friendly locals. To all hikers, climbers and adventure seekers, with its high peaks, lush nature and limitless possibilities, Georgia holidays  will boost your adrenaline. Getting away from the city is easy, whether you’re tracing ancient trails along lush river valleys, past ancient stone towers and castles or catching your breath on high altitude mountain paths. Georgia, a beautiful country, and a popular tourist destination all around the year.


Kazbegi is now officially named as Stepantsminda. It is a small town in north-eastern Georgia which is nearby the Russian border. The Georgian Military Highway is the main lifeline of the region, which unites Russian city Vladikavkaz with Tbilisi. The town of Stepantsminda is a charming and perfect base camp for exploring Kazbegi National Park’s hot springs, waterfalls, and carbonated lakes. It is well-known for its mountainous terrain and lush green fields wrapping the whole mountain range. The combination of easy accessibility and natural beauty makes Kazbegi the most visited mountain area in Georgia. It is a great place for ice climbing and mountaineering. The picturesque and breath-taking views of Mount Kazbegi combines leisure with culture. The Juta village is one of the highest (2200 m above the sea level) year-round habited settlements in the municipality of Kazbegi. With only 18 people, surrounded by alpine terrain, it's a great place to escape civilization. The central attraction of this place isn't the village itself, but Zeta Camping, a hostel, and campsite situated on a hill 100 m above the settlement. It's an exclusively peaceful place with a spectacular view of the multiple peaks of the mountain Chaukhi.


Georgia and particularly its Western part comprise an incredible collection of cave systems, from underground rivers and lakes to massive caverns and limestone scenery. Trek, or ride to some of the numerous canyons that dot the landscape. Kumistavi Cave, also known as the cave of Prometheus, is located 20 kilometres from Kutaisi in the Georgian town of Tskhaltubo. This biggest cave in Georgia was discovered in 1984 and only one-tenth is open for tourists. It takes about an hour to explore it’s 1000 plus meter route, in which a 280-meter boat tour on an underground river is also obtainable.


If you’ve always wished to soar up in the skies, paragliding is the way to do it. Find yourself hanging in the sky with the clouds admiring the unbelievable views of Tbilisi and the Caucasus mountains around you. Paragliding is like a steerable, rectangular parachute that lets you fall slowly, designed to keep you aloft for extended flights, soaring and diving with the air currents. With the suitable weather conditions and planning you can soar like an eagle in some of the most breath-taking places in Georgia like Gudauri and Kazbegi, which offers both summer and winter flights. Gudauri is the pearl of Georgian ski resorts. It is the most charming and youngest ski resort. Gudauri is a combination of the wilderness and the breath-taking views of the Caucasus Mountain. Gudauri is an alpine resort 2200 meters above sea level on a south-facing plateau of the Caucasus. Kazbegi is now officially named as Stepantsminda. It is well-known for its mountainous terrain and lush green fields wrapping the whole mountain range. The combination of easy accessibility and natural beauty makes Kazbegi the most visited mountain area in Georgia.


The country of Georgia nestles between Asia and Europe in the lap of the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Surrounded by an incredible mountain range with peaks higher than 3000 meters, there are plenty of terrain and open spaces perfect for adventure sports. Georgia in winter is amazing and presently is a hot spot for anyone looking for an affordable winter holiday. It has become a budget-friendly ski destination with four legit ski regions, Gudauri, Bakuriani, Goderdzi, and Mestia. The ski resorts in Georgia are amazing for winter activities and adventure sports. There is something for everyone from mere beginners to the advanced free-rider. It’s the perfect place for a memorable family holiday and a charming romantic getaway. Georgia is among the safest and most wallet-friendly of countries, for families.


Hot air balloons have unrestricted use of the air space in Georgia. Balloon flights mostly take place in Georgia’s Alazani and Mukhrani Valley, an ancient Georgian cultural centre and home of winemaking. The Alazani valley stretches for more than one hundred kilometres along the southern slopes of The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range rising magnificently into the blue sky with their snow-topped peaks and brilliant white glaciers. The temperate weather conditions let flying almost all year round. Hot air balloon is the perfect way to see the scenery, valleys, and mountains of Georgia in particular appeal due to the stunning and unique scenery.

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