Valentine’s Day is around the corner and this is the best time to revive back your romance with your partner. This time I suggest Georgia would be a perfect dreamy getaway. Get a break from the routine and escape to the beautiful city of Tbilisi.

One thing I can assure you about Georgia is, it is not commercialized as usual romantic destinations such as Paris, Venice, Amsterdam or Bali but it has enough “mojo” for a romantic vacation. So this year instead of going to a beach and getting a tan, experience the romantic charm in the breathtaking mountains and lush green sceneries.

The first place that comes to my mind is the Mtatsminda Mountain. You can access the mountain by a funicular railway which is a steep railroad. The Panoramic view of the whole Tbilisi from the Ferris wheel at the Bombora Park on the Mtatsminda Mountain is overwhelming. This amusement park is said to be a hotspot for couples who plan to propose or do weddings.

If you’re looking to sweeten up your love life to a tad, head to the Kazbegi which is a small town located in the Russian border was commonly called as Septatsminda. Couples who love adventure will enjoy the half-day excursion on 4 x 4 drive to this amazing town. From the country escapes to a long hiking trail leading to the glacier that starts from Kazbegi to Dariali Gorge is a must-do ride. Believe me, a stunning view of the Gveleti waterfall on the way will just blow your mind away and take you to oblivion.

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If you and your partner’s idea of romance is just relaxing in a leisurely place rather than sightseeing, the sulfur baths of Tbilisi is a good choice to unwind and revive your romance...

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If having good quality wine and delicious food is key to having a quality time with your loved one. Tbilisi is the perfect destination with even local restaurants serving authentic Georgian cuisine. It is a quixotic mix of Eastern European, Mediterranean, Arabic and Soviet influences. A rich meal which is made from the local farm produce is a paradise for foodies and just perfect for the romance in Georgia.

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Do not forget to try on the national dress of Georgia with your partner as you visit the heritage and historical sites in Georgia. The Legendary Holy Trinity Cathedral and Gregeti Cathedral have impressive frescos. History lovers could have a great time in Georgia exploring the tradition and culture of the Great Caucasus.

Georgia will be a perfect destination that will offer an unforgettable romantic to cherish  forever…

A Quick preview of must-see places in Tbilisi with your loved one

-  The old town of Tbilisi

- Sulfur Baths

- Mtatsminda Park

- Bridge of Peace

-  Narikala Fortress, Sioni Cathedral, Freedom Square and the Holy Trinity Cathedral

-  Gergeti Trinity Church

-  Gveleti Waterfall

- Gergeti monastery 

-  Ski resort in Gudauri

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