Georgia is an exotic country which offers a variety of breathtaking landforms. It is blessed with 12 different kinds of microclimate zones. The country of Georgia has beaches, snow-covered mountains, deserts, thick forests, beautiful valleys and lots of mountains – we can safely say that it has something of everything and you don’t have to search for another reason for its increasing popularity as a famous tourist destination. The beaches of Georgia are as stunning as the overall landscapes of the country and are visited by millions of tourists from all over the globe. Due to the increasing demand of Georgia among tourists, tour operators in Doha provide different types of Georgia holiday packages for passionate travelers. If you are a beach person, then read the following post that has been compiled as a list of the must-visit beaches in Georgia

These beaches offer a myriad of tourist activities to enjoy with your friends and family. The Georgians are kind and warm people. Hence, even if you are traveling alone, you can easily explore these must-visit beaches in Georgia and enjoy a good time without worrying too much. So, what are you waiting for?? Get your stuff packed for the beach outings and enjoy some relaxed moments on the sunny beaches of Georgia (The country and not the State; just for laughs).

Must visit beaches in Georgia

Batumi Beach

Batumi, a port-city located on the coast of the Black Sea is popularly known as Black Sea Resort city. Apart from being a dreamy beach destination, Batumi is the capital of the Georgian Republic of Adjara and has a boulevard with a waterfront promenade. There is an Alphabetic tower which is 130 m high and has a deck for observation on the seaside. Another attraction is Batumi Botanical Garden which is a must-visit place. Exploring the Gonio Fortress is yet another activity you can enjoy apart from the beach. Batumi Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Georgia.

Kobuleti Beach

A beautiful winding coastline of the Black Sea with coastal vegetation and surreal landscape are the major characteristics of the Kobuleti Beach. It is highly popular among tourists. There is a seaside resort which is an ideal stay. There is a characteristic thin strip of small pebbles and sand which is indeed Insta Worthy. Apart from the beach, there is a museum, Petra Fortress and Tsitsinatela Amusement Park in Kobuleti. The abundant natural beauty and the amazing tourist destinations make the Kobuleti beach one of the popular beaches in Georgia.

Sarpi Beach

Sarpi is a village along the coastline of the Black Sea, on the border of Georgia and Turkey. Clearwater, pebbled coast, cliff jumping – the Sarpi Beach offers everything you expect in an ideal beach destination.

Ureki Beach

The Ureki Beach located in the Ureki town of Georgia is a popular seaside climatic resort along the coastline of the Black Sea. It is located at a distance of 60 km from Batumi and has blue azure waters. Every year the summer at Ureki beach become a fun-filled affair with locals and tourists relaxing in the sun and enjoying the water activities.

Ureki Beach is a much sought-after destination owing to its uniqueness when compared to other beaches in Georgia. It is a sandy beach and there are no pebbles. The sand of Ureki Beach is black in color and has magnetic properties. It is also believed to have natural healing properties and good for cardiovascular diseases. Earlier, the whole area was covered with thick forest that it was almost impossible to hunt there. This is why the place was given the name Ureki which means dense forest in the Georgian language.

Gonio Beach

Gonio is a settlement located nearby Batumi on the banks of the river Tchorokhi. It is yet another beautiful beach destination. Owing to its beautiful surroundings and the occurrence of many other tourist destinations in its vicinity, Gonio is one of the most popular Black Sea resorts. Apart from the beach, the other tourist destinations in Gonio are the Gonio Fortress, Kvariati Beach and Sarpi Beach.

Kvariati Beach

Kvariati beach is located on the east coast of the Black Sea. It is visited by countless tourists every year and has many accommodation options if you plan to stay for some time. The beach is beautiful with coastal vegetation and beautiful coastline. You can also enjoy visiting the nearby tourist destinations.

Well, this is the list of the 6 must-visit beaches in Georgia that you should not miss at any cost. Book your holiday package from Qatar and discover the land of surprises. So, pack your shorts, beach gear and towels and get ready for a fabulous beach outing in Georgia. 

Have a wonderful vacation!!