Georgia is located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia and is a beautiful tourist destination. Having lots of UNESCO listed world heritage sites as tourist destinations, the country of Georgia offers a perfect mix of all types of tourist destinations and is a must-visit place. For adventure junkies, Georgia gives so many options like skiing, paragliding, water rafting, and trekking. If you are a history aficionado, then Georgia is going to amaze you with its churches and monuments. If you want to enjoy a beautiful vacation in surreal surroundings, then Georgia will amaze you with its beaches, countryside, forest, and mountains. Planning to gift a relaxing vacation for your parents? Then Georgia would be the perfect option which offers a therapeutic bath in its natural streams. With the growing interest of people to travel to Georgia, many travel agencies offer amazing holiday tour packages to Georgia to enjoy your vacation days to the most. If you are a Qatar-resident, looking for special Doha-Georgia tour packages, then take some time to search Google and find the best package with excellent offers and deals.

Don't waste your time browsing hundreds of webpages to find the perfect checklist of must-pack items when you travel to Georgia. If you are all set to take a trip to Georgia, then read the following list of must-pack items when you travel. Ready with your bags packed perfectly, and head to Georgia.

Must-Pack items when you Trip to Georgia

 Heavy Clothing

Whether you are traveling to Georgia or any other tourist destination in the winter season to explore the winter sports then following are the must-pack items. Minimum 2 pairs of padded trousers, thick woolen socks, a pair of shoe ideal for those chilling winters, and a thick jacket which is hooded and padded. You should also carry 3 or 4 pairs of dress skirts or dress slacks or winter leggings that can be worn indoors as well as under the pants while skiing. Also, you must-pack 2 woolen sweaters to keep your body warm in winter. If you are visiting the European side of Georgia, then these heavy clothing items should be included in your travel pack.

Top Wear (Shirts, T-Shirts)

Depending upon the season and the part of Georgia you are visiting, you have to decide the type of topwear you are going to pack. If you are going there to enjoy the winter sports and the snow-capped mountains of Georgia, then it is a must to pack some button-down shirts, pullovers, sweaters, warmers, and thick winter sweatshirts. The number of top-wear you need to take depends upon the duration of your visit.

Don’t overpack as well because you can always opt for the laundry services available at the hotels to get the clothes washed. If you are going on a small budget, then opt for layered clothing. Then, you have to wash only the innermost and the outermost layers and keep on wearing the other layers for 2 or 3 days.

Comfortable and Durable Shoes

Georgia has different kinds of microclimates, and if you are going to explore the adventurous tourist attractions, then you might require a change of shoes. Therefore, packing two pairs of durable shoes will keep you going without interruption. Also, be sensible while picking your shoes because there are many destinations in Georgia that can be reached via foot only. And, this generates the need for lots of walking to travel in the landscapes of Georgia. If you are going to Georgia as an adventure tourist, then hiking shoes also come in the must-pack items of your travel. Georgia offers lots of hiking opportunities and if you don't want to incur the expenses of buying another pair of shoes during the tour, then buy some good quality hiking shoes even before starting it.

 Socks –Many pairs which vary in thickness

Lots of walking means, lots of friction between your shoes and socks!!! Therefore, enough pair of socks in varying thicknesses for keeping your feet warm, you can easily use them while visiting the tourist destinations in Georgia.

Don’t forget to pack some pairs of thick and woolen socks to avoid the winter chills. Temperatures can drop seriously across Georgia, especially in the European side of the nation.

Winter Essentials are another must-pack item in your Georgia trip

  • Good quality tights for light winters.
  • Hand gloves that are warm and have windcheater.
  • Warm winter jackets of wool or downs.
  • Waterproof boots (or make them waterproof with wax, regular application required)

  • A woolen scarf or mufflers Hats or caps or beanies (thick woolen, with special warm fabric on the inside).
  • An easily foldable raincoat.

  • A small umbrella.
  • An extra pair of nice evening dress for a formal evening out.

  • Beachwear for Batumi

    If you are visiting Batumi, the second-largest city of Georgia with its beach in the Black Sea, you must pack some swimwear as well.

    Must-pack Travel accessories 

  • Torches and batteries
  • Power banks for your phones.
  • Battery run alarm clock.

  • Digital camera.
  • Georgia has European electrical outlets, at 220 to 240 volts AC. Therefore, carrying power converters for your devices is also a must, especially if you are from North America.
  • First-aid kit containing basic medicines and sunscreen.
  • If you want to enjoy outdoor camping under the stars, don't forget to pack some quality insect repellent.
  • Water bottle and a small backpack.
  • If you are a woman, packing sufficient amount of tampons is a must in travel. You might find tampons hardly available in Georgia.
  • Hand sanitizers are also a must-pack item.
  • Wherever you go, carry your toilet paper as well as soap. The public toilet system in Georgia is poor and you might have to deal with any situation.
  • Well, this completes the list of must-pack items when you travel to Georgia. So what are you planning for? If you are residing in Qatar check out with any best tour operator in Doha to know more about affordable Georgia tour packages for you.