Measures to reduce the risk of Corona virus while travelling

Are you anxious about getting your travel plans cancelled? You don't need to cancel your travel plans. Just need to plan it accordingly to the current circumstances. The tourism industry has taken some serious hits due to the rise of the novel coronavirus. Rather than being fearful about travelling, take measures to prevent illness by not being exposed to the virus. Considering these steps can help you to plan a safe and carefree vacation.

Choosing your Destination

Contagious Illnesses is not a new phenomenon. With the era of advanced medicine, our ability to contain and control such illness has risen considerably. The world is a vast place and there are many destinations that are not affected by Covid 19. This doesn’t mean we should take any precautions. With the right measures taken to prevent illness and the right destination, you can travel without anxiety. Some of the safest destinations include Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan.

Precautions to take while flying

Air travel is the safest way to travel. But considering the current circumstances, the concern about air travel is the recycled air in the cabin. Keep in mind that circulated air could do no harm. In fact, most of the aircraft have a vent above the passenger seats that dispenses air in high force over the passenger. This protects passengers from any unfiltered air. Most modern aircraft have filters that are capable of even filtering droplets.

 Keep drinking more water while flying which will help you to keep up your body to fight against germs.

 Sleeping also helps to fight any kind of illness. So remember to take a nap on your flight. You can also ensure a germ-free seat by carrying alcohol-based wipes in your handbag.

 Make sure you wipe all the areas that are susceptible to be in contacts such as tray table, armrest, overhead vent, entertainment screen, remote, seat buckle and the window shade.

 Avoid using lavatory unless it is necessary but make sure you use hand sanitizer after.

Precautions to take at where you stay

Hotels rooms are usually cleaned before we check-in. But we always have our doubts. So there is no harm in going for round 2 under current circumstances. We should take the same preventive measures as we take at home.

 Focus on disinfecting the germiest objects such as the TV remote, the switches, the phone - essentially any surface that is frequently touched. 

 Remember to be meticulous about washing your hands and cleaning surfaces that are potentially contaminated.

 It has not been proven that the novel coronavirus has been spread through food. But that fact that the virus needs a host is likely human or animals to survive. You need to make sure if you have meat or egg it is well cooked because extreme heat is expected to kill the virus.

Health condition of the traveller

 Before embarking, consult a doctor before the journey at least a week before the journey.

 Clear out any queries about important health risks, or any preventive medication you may need to carry.

 Get a prescribed medical kit appropriate to meet medical needs.

 Travellers with underlying health conditions should definitely consult a medical practitioner to ensure that they meet all their health needs.

It is a little bit intimidating to go through this information without worry.

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