Have you ever thought about moving? It could be various reasons like job security, better quality education, lifestyle or even climate. It’s definite that Australia would have popped up in your mind. Australia – the island continent. With great weather, all year and work to live attitude make Australia a great choice to live or maybe even visit...

Here are 7 reasons why you will fall in love with Australia

1. Explore Australia–Maybe you won’t get the true experience of “Crocodile Dundee” but you can get “into the wilderness” in Australia. The diverse natural landscape and the great weather all year set Australia apart from other countries in the world. Home to magnificent waterways and beach fronts.Different geographical areas, the iconic sites of Sydney harbor, the deep blue sea that tempts you to dive to swim along with the majestic whales and witness the underwater flora and fauna in the great barrier reef makes Australia one of a kind. Spur the adventure spirit in you, and explore your hiker side by bushwalking across the country.

2. Wildlife - Australia is home to some of the cute and dangerous animals in the world. You can find cuddly Koalas, kangaroos to scary huge spiders, crocodiles in Australia. There are jumping crocodile cruises where you can see most aggressive and dangerous the might saltwater crocodile out of the river. Honestly, this doesn't sound like a reason to fall in love with Australia. But wait till you see the "penguins." Yes, you can see the cutest penguins ever in Philip island near Melbourne, Australia. The penguin night parade in Philip island is a must-see activity. It will just make your day!!!

Kangaroo (left), Koala (right)

3. Beaches - Australia has endless island getaways, pristine beaches, coves, and reefs. It is said that it would take 27 years to visit all the beaches in Australia if you visit a beach every single day. You can see the most impossibly white sand beach in the White Haven Island at the Great Barrier Reef. You can stroll on your bare feet on this beach as it doesn't retain heat because the sand is entirely silica. If you are into surfing then you must have heard of the Bell Beach in Melbourne. It is the Mecca for surfers. You can see most of the Australian population in coastal areas. Now you know why.

White sand beach in the White Haven Island, Australia

4. Multicultural diversity- Australia has the most culturally and linguistically diverse population in the world. The diversity of inhabitants, lifestyle and contemporary culture has shaped the Australian cultural history. Australians are simple, friendly, loyal, .diverse, tolerant, funny, and of course, attractive -Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, Nicole Kidman, and the list goes on. Their standards of equality and respect are notable. And, don’t forget to socialize after work which is a common culture in Australia. It’s like every day after work is a Saturday night, you grab a drink or a pizza, and you hang out with your colleagues to relieve your stress from work. Now that’s a great reason to visit Australia...

Hugh Jackman in Wolverine (left), Nicole Kidman in Top Gun, Russell Crowe in Gladiator(right) 

5. The Cricket Mecca- If you're a cricket enthusiast, then watching a match at the Melbourne cricket ground is a dream come true moment. Australia is persistent in producing world-class sports talent. Though cricket is the most popular sport, Australia is not a single sports country. Another popular sport includes rugby. Australian love watersports. Australia has hosted the Olympics twice.

6. Quality of life- Most cities in Australia have an excellent standard of living with high minimum pay. Nonetheless, some percentage goes into “super” or “superannuation” which is the same as the provident fund in India but known as a super in Australia. So your retirement is already taken care of. That’s one huge and lesser reason to worry about it. The egalitarianism makes Australia a country one of the best places to migrate.

7.  Food Australian cuisine may not be distinctive as other but From lamington-the national cake of Australia,  fairy bread, Pavlova to lamb leg roast, meat pies, fish and chips, Australia has some of the most scrumptious and iconic foods of the world apart from vegemite. The Burger with "the lot" and the Tim Tams are must-try food.    

Pavlova (left), fish and chips (right) 

A journey through the nine states of Australia may surprise you. Do you still need any more reasons to visit ...?

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