Georgia is home to some of the most beautiful national parks that are teeming with the exotic flora and fauna. The Georgian national parks are undoubtedly one of the things to see in Georgia. With greenery all around you; mountains and forests offering perfect relaxation for the city-life tired nerves; natural sounds entertaining your heart to the cores; and the tracks of hiking and climbing beckoning you with their arms wide open – yes, you can witness the nature in its most unabridged forms in Georgian National Parks. Only after you have visited them yourself, will be able to understand why they are one of the best things to see in Georgia. Well, if you are planning a visit to Georgia or you are looking forward to an amazing tour with lots of adventures to explore, then read the following post and booking an amazing Georgia tour package from Qatar or any other Gulf countries.

Georgian National Parks – One of the best things to see in Georgia 

  1. Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park

  2. e Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park is one of the best places to explore if you are on a National Park visiting spree. It is located in Central Georgia and sits in the Lesser Caucasus precisely. The Samtskhe-Javakheti region is the most popular one. It has mixed forests and is one of the largest national parks in Georgia. It has 6 municipalities namely Borjomi, Khashuri, Akhaltsikhe, Kharagauli, Adigeni, and Baghdati. It occupies more than one percent of the total national territory of Georgia. It was founded in 1995 and offers a diverse collection of geographical and ecological zones. There are lots of historical monuments and marvelous landscapes here; making it a hotspot of the places to see in Georgia.

  3. Vashlovani Nature Reserve:

  4. Vashlovani Nature Reserve is yet another one of the most popular destination in Georgia. It is located in the extreme Eastern part of Dedoplistskaro district of Georgia. The complete Vashlovani Nature Reserve comprises of the National Park, Kaklisyure Alazani floodplain forest, Takhti-Tepa Mud Volcanoes, and the Eagle Gorge. The overall impression of this natural reserve is that of a giant fruit garden. This is because it has lots of pistachio and apple trees. You can spend the whole week in this region exploring its diverse trails. All the trees have campsites, fire spots, bungalows, and picnic spots. While checking in at the visitor center for moving towards the National Park, you need to show your ID. Don’t skip this step at any cost.

  5. Mtirala National Park:

  6.  Mtirala National Park is yet another amazing spot included in Georgia holiday packages. It is located in the Adjara region of Georgia and lies in the Western Lesser Caucasus. It is nestled between the Adjara Mountains and the Black Sea. The provinces of Keda, Khelvachauri, and Kobuleti are located in this national park. This National Park has marked trails that are perfectly arranged across the national park. There are two hiking routes that can be explored over the duration of 2 days. You can enjoy picnics, camping and explore the local forests. There are specially designated fire spots throughout the National Park. Spring, Summer and Early Autumn are the best times to visit.

  7. Lagodekhi Nature Reserve:  

  8. The Lagodekhi Nature Reserve is one of the best things to see in Georgia if you are traveling with a purpose of an adventurous tour. The protected areas under this National Park are one of the best preserved primitive forested areas in the world. They offer diverse natural landscapes and are located in the southern slopes of the Caucasus Range. This National Park has a natural reserve and managed reserve. This kind of division allows for understanding nature via infrastructural development, recreation, and educational works. The Lagodekhi Nature Reserve has 4 trails in total, of which, the Black Rock Lake trail is the hardest one.

  9. Kolkheti National Park:

  10. The Kolkheti National Park is located in the western part of Georgia and includes the eastern coastline of the Black Sea. It also includes the Lake Paliastomi basin and expands into two historical parts of the nation, namely - Samegrelo and Guria. The Lake Paliastomi and Picori River offer opportunities for fishing. Hiking, Bird watching, Hiking and exploring the Ureki Beach and Khobi are the other activities.

  11. Tusheti Protected Landscape: 

  12. The landscapes of Tusheti are one of the best things to see in Georgia and the Tusheti Protected Landscape will be your perfect choice. This national park is located in the municipality of Akhmeta and has 11 trails that can be explored. You can observe the unique cultural-historical significance and natural beauty of Tusheti and admire the medieval towers. June to September is the best time to visit.

  13. Kazbegi National Park:

  14. The Kazbegi National Park offers you the perfect scintillating views of the Mount Kazbegi which is the Mecca of the backpackers and hikers. Jvari, Gudauri Ski Resort, Darial Gorge and Gergeti Trinity Church are the best things to see in Georgia. The whole place has an amazing, magical aura that will loom you into its charm.

  15. Kintrishi Protected Areas:

  16. The Kintrishi Protected Areas are other important places to see in Georgia that you just cannot afford to miss at any cost. It is yet another park in the Adjara region that is located in the beautiful valley of the Kintrishi River. It is located at a height of 300-2,500 m above sea level. There are 2 trails that can be explored in 1-day or 2-day hiking tour. The Tamara Arch and the Box-Tree Stand Trail are easier ones and the Yew and the Lake Tbikeli are moderately difficult. This place also has camping sites, picnic areas and fire spots that are well-marked.

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