Amsterdam is a one-of-a-kind destination that is on the bucket list of every travel enthusiast. The capital of the Netherlands is also the quaint Dutch village with windmills apart from the city stuffed with nightlife and culture. You can rent a bike and take a quick ride, go shopping, the list goes on. The Amsterdam tour package will let you know why this is a must-visit city.

 Anne Frank House

“I will make my voice heard, I‘ll go out into the to the world and work for mankind” – Anne Frank, 11TH April 1944.

I would rather call it a life experience than a museum. This house represents one of the darkest moments of our history. I bet it will be an emotional experience. Well, it was for me. If you have kids between the ages of 11 and 15, I recommend you should take them. They can read the diary notes with stories of the events that took place, will help them to understand the impacts of what happened. But that is totally up to you. But I wouldn’t suggest taking toddlers or small kids, because even general conversation is done as a murmur. There are lots of books available for kids about Anne Frank.


 Quarto's best-selling children's book on the life story  of Anne Frank(left);  Anne Frank (top right),

Rijks and Van Gogh Museum

Rijks is one of the top Museums in the world. It is a stunning place, you may want to visit again and explore. They have this wonderful app that you can download. They have these interactive games that will engage the kids taking them around different sections of the Museum. They also provide multimedia content on the displayed artworks. I don’t want to compare both, but I would say Van Gogh is cool but was less mind-blowing than Rijks which has some diverse and impressive paintings, especially the extensive Rembrandt collection and the famous “The Night Watch.”

Places to visit with Kids: Nemo- the Science Museum, Artis – The city center zoo, The Historic tram, the Muizenhuis – The mouse miniature mansion.

Canal boat ride

A decent boat ride can give you the best experience for a first timer in Amsterdam. You get the best view of Amsterdam from wandering along with the city also from a dozen of canals where you can take a boat ride They are shared as well as private boats.

Canal boat ride

The Keukenhof gardens

Now what can I say- Magical, astounding, breathtaking, awe or “Silsila” inspiring (Indians could understand the reference.) You cannot leave Amsterdam without seeing the Tulips. Usually, it’s the Keukenhof gardens which open about 8 weeks (around March – April) in a year where millions of tourists visit this undoubtedly spectacular garden to get an ultimate tulip selfie-gram. It doesn’t sound like relaxing and calm, so I’ve heard. You can take a hike or a bicycle ride along the best routes around the field to get the perfect instagrammable moment. I would advise you to do it with care since it’s the hard work and livelihood of farmers there. They say the selfie trend is spoiling the bulbs and flowers.

The Keukenhof Garden

Amsterdam street food

Amsterdam offers a unique culinary experience for every tourist. I can’t wait to get to this part. Dutch fries!!! Dutch fries!!! Dutch fries!!! Specifically ask for the “patat special” with special curry ketchup, mayo, and onions or “patatje oorlog' with peanut satay sauce, mayo.

 Stroopwafel(left);  Dutch fries (top right),

Stroopwafel- you can get these from Starbucks, but nothing can compete against the freshly made ones in the Amsterdam food market. And of course, Dutch cheese, a definite-try food. You can try samples of different types of cheese. I wish I had brought more cheese back home. This is just a glimpse of the rest of the trip. There are more stories and experiences to come. So keep reading and make sure to add Amsterdam to your Europe holiday Itinerary.

To visit Amsterdam, you would require a Schengen visa.

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